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PSC5-CAN Data Sheet PSC5-CAN

PSC4-CAN und PSC5-CAN modules enable simultaneous acquisition of 4 and 5 differential pressures. Each pressure channel has its own reference pressure port. Since the data is transmitted via CAN bus nearly any number of modules can be connected in series. Thus, experimental scenarios with an extremely high number of pressure tapping points are realisable:

CAN bus set up
CAN bus set up


The compact design makes it possible to position the device close to the pressure tapping points. In this way attenuation of the pressure signal due to long tube distances can be minimised.

Our "bigger" pressure scanner with up to 24 channels can be equipped with CAN bus as well. 


  • data is transmitted via CAN bus (CAN 2.0A or CAN 2.0B)
  • sample rate up to 500Hz
  • large voltage supply range (7-24V)
  • the PSCx-CAN modules can be cascaded with a M8 sensor cable
  • the sensor is supplied with a DBC-file containing calibration data
  • simple configuration of the CAN parameters via USB interface
  • for diagnostic purposes measurement data can be read out via USB as well 


Technical Data
Pressure Sensors
Measurement Range   Maximum Pressure
kPa mbar Range
Proof Pressure
0,025 0,25 uni/bi 2000mbar on request
0,05 0,5 uni/bi 2000mbar on request
0,1 1 uni/bi 2000mbar on request
0,25 2,5 uni/bi 250 mbar  
1,25 12,5 uni/bi 500 mbar  
2,5 25 uni/bi 500 mbar  
5 50 uni/bi 750 mbar  
7,5 75 uni/bi 1200 mbar  
10 100 uni/bi 1200 mbar  
­25 250 uni/bi 2000 mbar  
50 500 uni/bi 2000 mbar  
Accuracy and Sample Rates
Non-Linear & hysteresis  max +/- 0,25% FSS (+/- 0,1% FSS on demand)
Sample rate per channel  PSC4/5-CAN: 1 ­ - 500Hz
Power Supply
PSC4/5-CAN  via CAN-interface (7-24V, 50mA)
Environmental Conditions
Temperature  5 °C ... 50 °C
Humidity  0 ... 95%, non-condensing
Operation mediums  Air and non-corrosive gases
Housing  60 x 30 x 80 mm (W x H x D)
Pressure Connections  Hose Barb D=2 mm
recommended hoses  Soft-PE and silicone hoses 3,5x1,5mm
Driver and Software
Virtual COM-Port Driver
Configuration Software
LabVIEW example program with sourcecode included
Supported Operating Systems
Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, Linux
Options - Interface