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For many applications it is necessary to have a high-precision pressure measurement tapped at different locations.

In automated systems usually a combination of a single pressure scanner and external pneumatic valves is used.

PSC-MUX pressure scanners combine both in only one device. In order to cover a large measuring range with high accuracy sensors, several overload-proof pressure scanners are connected in parallel. Depending on the applied pressure the sensor with the highest measuring accuracy in this pressure range is evaluated.

The sensors are choosen according to the needs of the customers but their ranges have to overlap.

Via software command the sensor combination can be connected to the individual pressure connectors (=multiplexing). A maximum of 5 pressure connector pairs per device is available.

All PSC-Multiplexer devices are manufactured according to the needs of our customers. Please don't hesitate to contact us!

Pressure scanner data sheet  PDF


PSC-MUX set up
PSC-MUX set up


All PSC pressure scanners ar available with Ethernet (LAN) or CAN interface.


  • The data is transmitted as ASCII text in the unit Pascal [Pa]. Through a simple protocol, the transmission rate can be adjusted in the range between 1 and 50Hz.
  • A TARE function can be triggered either by pressing the TARE button on the front panel or via a software command.
  • For the multiplexer pressure scanner version an external power supply is necessary. 
  • Since the pressure scanner identifies itself as a virtual COM port to the system, any software can be used which supports the RS232 protocol. A sample program for use with LabVIEW is included.


Technical Data
Pressure Sensors
Measurement Range   Maximum Pressure
kPa mbar Range
Proof Pressure
0,025 0,25 uni/bi 2000mbar on request
0,05 0,5 uni/bi 2000mbar on request
0,1 1 uni/bi 2000mbar on request
0,25 2,5 uni/bi 250 mbar  
1,25 12,5 uni/bi 500 mbar  
2,5 25 uni/bi 500 mbar  
5 50 uni/bi 750 mbar  
7,5 75 uni/bi 1200 mbar  
10 100 uni/bi 1200 mbar  
­25 250 uni/bi 2000 mbar  
50 500 uni/bi 2000 mbar  
Power Supply
PSC­-MUX  7-24V, 1A
Environmental Conditions
Temperature  5 °C ... 50 °C
Humidity  0 ... 95%, non-condensing
Operation mediums  Air and non-corrosive gases
Housing  130 x 55 x 170 mm (W x H x D)
Pressure Connections  Hose Barb D=2 mm
recommended hoses  Soft-PE and silicone hoses 3,5x1,5mm
Driver and Software
Virtual COM-Port Driver
Configuration Software
LabVIEW example program with sourcecode included
Supported Operating Systems
Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, Linux
Options - Interface
RS232 via SubD