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Welcome to SVMtec

We offer engineering services in the fields of

  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Experimental Setups and Test Stands
  • Measuring Equipment

Our goal is long-term customer satisfaction. Therefore, quality and accuracy, as well as cost efficiency and seamless cooperation have top priority to us. 

What can we do to support you?

Multi-Channel Muliplexing Pressure Scanner
PSC-MUX set up  
The latest version of our PSC series is now available! The new PSCx-MUX scanners make it possible to measure differential pressures within a large pressure range at high accuracy. The senors in the scanner are connected in parallel and can be multiplexed through all available pressure port via magnetic valves.
More information can be found here or contact us directly.    
Multi-Channel Pressure Scanner with CAN bus
Multi-Channel Pressure Sensor PSC4-CAN    Multi-Channel Pressure Sensor PSC5-CAN
Our pressure scanners of the PSC series are continually further developed and regularly adapted to the needs of our customers. The new PSCx-CAN modules communicate via CAN bus (CAN 2.0A and CAN 2.0B). Therefore, it is possible to set up complex pressure measuring systems with nearly infinite measuring points. 
Modules with 4 and 5 channels are available in a very small and compact design. Our "bigger" pressure scanner with up to 24 channels can be equipped with CAN bus as well.

More information can be found here, in our online store  or contact us directly.