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Multi-Channel Muliplexing Pressure Scanner
PSC-MUX set up  
The latest version of our PSC series is now available! The new PSCx-MUX scanners make it possible to measure differential pressures within a large pressure range at high accuracy. The senors in the scanner are connected in parallel and can be multiplexed through all available pressure port via magnetic valves.
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Multi-Channel Pressure Scanner with CAN bus
PSC4-CAN    Multi-Channel Pressure Sensor PSC5-CAN
Our pressure scanners of the PSC series are continually further developed and regularly adapted to the needs of our customers. The new PSCx-CAN modules communicate via CAN bus (CAN 2.0A and CAN 2.0B). Therefore, it is possible to set up complex pressure measuring systems with nearly infinite measuring points. 
Modules with 4 and 5 channels are available in a very small and compact design. Our "bigger" pressure scanner with up to 24 channels can be equipped with CAN bus as well.
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  2D-Tilitng Table
2D-Tilting Table
Control Unit


This 2D-tilting table is mounted movable on bearings to simulate the effect of vehicle motions on tanks filled with liquid. Its surface can be tilted both about the longitudinal and transverse axis for up to seven degrees. Amplitudes and frequencies can be set for each axis separately via the control unit. Moreover a defined phase shift in between both tilting movements is possible.

The table has been designed for use in climatic chambers. It can be operated in temperatures ranging from -30 to 85°C. For this reason the control unit is separately installed and connected to the table via cable of three meters.

It is also possible to operate the table outside of a climatic chamber.

The table is a lightweight construction in order to allow handling without a lifting gear.

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Multi-Channel Pressure Scanner
Multi-Channel Pressure Scanner PSC8-USB(-MV)   Multi-Channel Pressure Scanner PSC24-USB
With the PSC8-USB and PSC24-USB we have two new multi-channel pressure meters on offer. With their 8 or 24 channels they present an interesting alternative to single sensors. The model PSC8-USB-MV has additionally inbuilt magnetic valves, providing zero compensation possibility, even with pressures connected.

NI-Mezz Extension Board

The NI-Mezz Extension Board is an universal breakout board for the NI 9683 Mezzanine-Card of National Instruments with analog- and digital-I/O ports. With this extension board all I/Os are routed to connectors. 

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Thermoelectric Generators

The Cyclic Test Stand was designed within the scope of a customer's order for Thermoelectric Modules or Thermoelectric Generators development. This test bench provides the acquisition of electric characteristics of the modules/generators under different load situations with variable thermal impact.


TEG Test Stand


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National Instruments Alliance Partner

SVMtec GmbH is an official member of the National Instruments Alliance Partner Network


We are an official member of the National Instruments Alliance Partner Network 

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